About Me

As an accomplished international development professional, I've taken my drive and talents and built a coaching practice focused on helping people live more fulfilling lives.  

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I began my career in Washington, DC where I grew up.  My work focused mainly on improving access to HIV and maternal health services in developing countries.   My world was shattered in 2015 when my colleague and mentor Anita Datar was killed in a terrorist attack in West Africa.  In the aftermath of Anita's death, I battled anxiety so severe that I couldn't ride a subway, an elevator, or be in large crowds for any period of time.  Seeking more connection with nature as a path to healing, my husband C.J. and I moved to Colorado in 2016.

For the first few months, I tried everything I could think of to start healing and move forward.  We got a puppy, I tried counseling, yoga, and spent a week learning how to meditate at an ashram in the Caribbean.  I basically tried to Eat, Pray, Love my way out of my grief, but I wasn’t making progress.

That's when I started working with a coach and it changed my life.  Coaching helped me stop dwelling on the past and connect deeply with my vision for my future.  Coaching helped me get in touch with my values, innate gifts, and my life purpose. Coaching also helped me establish a daily morning practice that is rooted in gratitude and intention.  This experience helped me realize that everything is not happening to me but for me  so I can learn and grow and share with others.

Soon after my coaching ended, I signed up for the Coaches Training Institute program, and the rest is history!

I am passionate about helping people get in touch with their vision for their most extraordinary life, and then charting a course towards living it every day.

My favorite Tony Robbins quote sums it up perfectly: "We are meant to grow so we have something to give."

I will help you grow you so have more to give to your business, family, community, and the world.

Contact me today for a free, no obligation sample session. I can’t wait to meet you!

  • 104 Hour Coaching Certificate from the Coaches Training Institute

  • M.A. in International Development from the University of Kentucky

  • B.A. in International Affairs from the University of Mary Washington

  • Ten years’ experience providing facilitation, training, and program management support to global health projects

  • Countries of work include the Bahamas, Costa Rica, Ghana, Jamaica, Lesotho, Mexico, Namibia, Peru, the Philippines, and Swaziland

  • Currently pursuing Certification from the International Coach Federation