We are all naturally creative, resourceful and whole. We all possess the capacity for knowing what is best for ourselves. I genuinely listen and encourage, to uncover the best in oneself and others.



  • Coaching is not therapy.  Therapy focuses on healing old wounds, and coaching is about designing a road map toward living a more deeply fulfilling life.

  • I ask powerful questions and help you connect with your values to get you more aligned with your purpose.

  • I help you figure out what you really want, and help hold you accountable for the action steps you set to start moving in the direction you want.  

Bethany coached me on taking time for myself and stop putting all my energy into my career and family. As a single parent and entrepreneur, it was a lot I was holding onto. She helped me uncover deep insights that allowed me to see my options from different perspectives that released the strangle-hold I had on myself and my time. I loved working with Bethany because from the first coaching experience, I felt her caring, compassion and strength give me the support I needed to explore what was holding me back. I am new to using a coach and honestly, I can’t express how much stronger and more confident I feel in the decisions I make for myself and my family. I highly recommend Bethany!
— Nina Jolic, Evalign Inc.

Bethany exhibits such sincerity and care in her eagerness to help others. She’s an incredible listener and motivator, who really strives to get her clients to reach their own goals.
— Lauren Austin, Lauren Austin Creative, LLC


  • We start by defining your vision and values.  What does an extraordinary life look like to you?

  • We identify what’s getting in your way.  What are you putting up with? What has been holding you back and draining your energy?

  • We make a road map.  Together we identify action steps to realize your vision for an extraordinary life.  We break it down into small steps, and tackle them one at a time. You will be doing the leg work in between sessions, and I will be running right beside you on the path, cheering you on!


  • Coaching sessions are 50 minutes in length, two to four times per month, by phone

  • Clients bring a coaching topic to each session. Some examples include:

    • Launching/growing a business

    • Health & wellness

    • Habit change and improving organizational skills

    • Relationships

    • Adjusting to a new phase of life

  • I will assign homework at the end of each session

  • Before each session, you will fill out a Session Prep Form to report back on your progress

  • I ask for at least an eight session commitment so we can make a real, lasting impact

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I needed Bethany’s guidance on transitioning into more senior leadership roles along with an appreciation for my unique approach and perspectives. Drawing on her own professional experiences as well as her coaching talents- Bethany helped me to identify my strengths and how to articulate them. She talked me through some of my blind spots and how to overcome obstacles- including those I had placed on myself. With a caring and appreciative inquiry, she helped me build the confidence I needed to take on the more complex role. Thanks Bethany!
— Ryan Ubuntu Olson, Palladium